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Want to tour Oregon State University?

  • Virtual tours: Our 360 Degree Virtual Tours let you see how each of our room types look with example furnishings.
  • In-person tours: Visit OSU to learn about academic programs, tour a residence hall, and take a student-led tour of campus.

georgia Fake Georgia Card Id 360 Degree Virtual Tours

Our 360 Degree Virtual Tours offer looks inside different residence halls, from the comfort of your own home.

Use your mouse to drag around your view, or use the YouTube app on your phone/tablet to see the room through a perspective that moves with your phone. Make sure you have the newest version of the YouTube app on your device or browser for the 360 experience.

Choose a room to view.

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Campus Tour Info

Want to tour all of Oregon State University? Plan a campus visit, where you will have the opportunity to learn about OSU's academic programs, tour a residence hall, and take a student led tour of campus.

Our friendly Tour Ambassadors are happy to assist you in planning a personalized campus visit. Go to the Visit OSU website and schedule a full campus tour today!

Campus Map

The OSU Campus Map provides you with a birds eye view of our residence halls so you get an idea of where your residence will be located compared with buildings, restaurants, and campus resources. 

More Virtual Tours

View a 3D rendering of different standard room types at Oregon State University.

3D Room Fly-Throughs